The Gayme Kickstarter: One Year Later

We have passed our official one year anniversary here at The Gayme. There have some been some highs and some lows on the way. 

We started our journey on Kickstarter as many of you know. Our goal of $2,000 was met in one day and from there we were off. We ended that journey with just over $5,000 in sales, but little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, we were responsible for manufacturing 1,000 copies of The Gayme and delivering it to our first 200 customers. This was no easy task.

"Finally, by January Gayme customers had their copies, but there was a catch. Matt and I had not even seen the finished product."

Working with Ad Magic, the company behind the production of Cards Against Humanity, we were able to order 1,000 copies from a factory in China. Once we submitted all of our files and artwork, everything was out of our control. That was tough for us, both Matt and I (Cam) like to have some control over what we're doing. Now we had to let go of our baby and put it in someone else's hands.

The production time stretched much further than initially expected due to a number of circumstances including a widespread protest by port workers in LA. Meanwhile, our Kickstarter customers, whom we promised would receive their Gaymes, were getting antsy. September became October which then became December. Finally, by January Gayme customers had their copies, but there was a catch. Matt and I had not even seen the finished product.

By the time The Gayme shipped we had no clue what the final product actually looked like until it arrived at our doorsteps. Thankfully, Ad Magic did an amazing job. The product was just as high of a quality as we could have expected. We were actually blown away at how beautiful the box looked. Now, our second big challenge: how the hell were we going to sell these remaining Gaymes?

They have a potpourri of fees that eat into your profit margins, but they also are incredibly organized and efficient. 

Anyone who uses Amazon for fulfillment knows that they are both amazing and terrible at the same time. They have a potpourri of fees that eat into your profit margins, but they also are incredibly organized and efficient. For the remaining 750 copies of The Gayme (we pre-sold some during manufacturing), we essentially had one year to sell them all before the fees ripped apart our profit margins. For background, Amazon charges many fees, but the long term storage fee for products stored at their fulfillment centers over a year is essentially the dagger in the heart. If you have not sold your inventory by then, get ready to pay big bucks.

"I'm not sure we fully understood this when we first started using Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon), but we still were obviously trying to sell The Gayme as best as we could."

We started 2015 we a steady trickle of sales, but things really started to pick up when we signed up for Pride events. All in all we did Denver Pride, LA Pride, NYC Pride, and Chicago Market Days in August. Wow, each event was just as fun as the last. We seriously had too much fun. Meeting everyone, trying to sell The Gayme, it was such a rush. Of our four Pride events, I can say that we sold the most copies at Market Days, although we ran out of copies at LA Pride on the first day. I can also say that 3 of 4 events were profitable, very profitable. One of the events we broke even due to the cost of the event, housing, flights etc. I'm sure you can guess which one that is ;)

After Pride we came down from a big high. Literally it was like eating a bag of rainbow sugar and then crashing. We didn't want it to end, but pride was over. In that month, we sold hundreds and hundreds of copies of The Gayme. What was our next move?

This was a crossroads moment for The Gayme. Why? Because we were also starting to run low on inventory. We had to balance between investing in a new stock of Gaymes, and spending money on marketing and events. So we did two things. First, we did a Facebook advertising campaign. I will do an in-depth post about that, suffice to say, it was very successful and I would highly recommend it. We received a very real boost from advertising on Facebook. The second thing we did was start preparing our next order of copies for The Gayme. 

While all of this is going on, we are getting warnings from Amazon about the remaining inventory that in a few months would be charged the 1-year inventory fee... After being cash rich from all of our Pride events, we were now in a position of having to carefully plan our finances. So what happened? As we approach the deadline for our long-term storage fees, it's not an issue because our Gaymes are all but sold out!

What's next for 2016? We ordered our next shipment of Gaymes and are preparing our calendar of events for the year. We made some minor changes to the box and some cards as well, but The Gayme is the same overall. We also have a number of store partnerships that sell The Gayme. Things are looking good for The Gayme and we are excited for 2016!



The Gayme @ Chicago Market Days

Sadly, pride is coming to a close around the globe. For us, it was one of the most invigorating months of our lives and we are so excited to do it all again next year. Because we loved it so much, we are taking part in Chicago's Market Days on August 8th and 9th. If you're in the Chicago area, come check us out! We will be selling the last of our first shipment of 1,000 boxes.

Cya there!

The Gayme: SOLD OUT

The month of June is officially over and we are still recuperating from one of the most exhilarating months of our lives. We started Pride month in Los Angeles and sold out of The Gayme in our first day. This was great and our only regret is that we didn't bring more copies!

Next it was off to our home state of Colorado. We were nervous that maybe people had already seen or purchased The Gayme in Colorado because we were at Denver Pridefest in 2014. Not at all! We sold out of our entire stock by the end of the second day.

The weekend after we were off to New York. The Pride festival was only one day so we spent the first couple of days doing "market research" ;) What we didn't expect was for that Sunday to be as successful as it was, we sold over 100 copies in less than five hours, not to mention all of the Gaymer tank tops as well. All in all, it was an amazing month, and we thank everyone who supported and allowed us to travel the country and share our Gayme with you. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and if we could travel every weekend and do what we did in June, we definitely would!

That being said, we are starting to run low on our inventory, so make sure you get your copy of one of the original shipments. We will be doing one last event at Chicago Market Days in August, and we hope to sell out of everything at this event!

Happy Pride!

The Gayme at Pride

Hi Gaymers, if you were at Colorado pride last year than you most likely bumped into our booth (pictured below). This year we will not only be back at Denver Pridefest, but unlike last year, we will have physical copies of The Gayme to sell.

Camel Works the Booth

Camel Works the Booth

As we prepare for our pride tour this year, we are still waiting to hear back from LA Pride about potentially getting a booth. Nonetheless, we will be at Denver Pride, NYC Pride, and Chicago Market Days. 

If it wasn't for you guys supporting this product, this would not be possible. Thank you so much! And if you're at one of these pride events this year, please come say hi! See you all soon!