The Gayme Rules

The Gayme rules can be found on the back of each box. Here's another explanation of the rules and some clarification on the cards.

What are the different types of cards?

Most cards are normal All Play without a title, meaning anytime that a card applies to you, you play.

All Play cards with a title include: QuestionCategories, and Storytime.

Individual & Rule cards refer to the person reading the card.

Trivia cards are for the person sitting directly across from you.

How does The Gayme start?

Any player can start The Gayme by simply picking up a card and reading it. If the group is having some trouble deciding who should go first, the person with the most recent sexual experience can go ahead and take the lead. Once The Gayme has started, you go in a clockwise direction picking up cards.

How do you setup The Gayme?

Setting up The Gayme is simple. Just lay out the cards on a table. You can have one big pile to choose from, or multiple piles, it's your choice. The cards aren't in any order, and the colors don't dictate anything.