Changes to The Gayme Box

The new shipment of The Gayme is being manufactured. Based on feedback from you through emails and in person, we have made some slight tweaks to The Gayme.

  1. The best dressed player goes first ;) We figured we would let people ease their way into The Gayme, so we changed the rule to start who goes first.
  2. Gender neutral! The original version of The Gayme was heavily tipped towards gay men, but the lgbt community is more than just men of course. So we changed much of the wording on the cards to include all genders. Boyfriend -> Partner. We also changed some of the wording on the cards in case someone who was reading the card was not lgbt! i.e. Celebrities that could turn you straight -> or gay.
  3. Offensive cards. The purpose of The Gayme is for people to have fun, but it's also meant to push people out of their comfort zones and get them talking about taboo topics. That's all well and good, but we realized that some cards were overtly offensive, so we took them out. Plain and simple. Don't worry, The Gayme is still raunchy.
  4. Kickstarter. Our original box set has a Kickstarter stamp on it. If your box has this stamp, it means you were part of the original 1,000 copy shipment. The new set will not have this stamp. In its place, we put a further explanation of the different types of cards.

That's all. Everything is staying the same!