The Gayme: What's Next?

After our whirlwind tour around the United States for Pride comes to a close, The Gayme is far from slowing down. Thanks to the knockout success of The Gayme in LA, Denver, NYC, and Chicago, we are down to double digits left of The Gayme. So what's next?

Next Shipment

Our next shipment will be placed later this year to replenish our stock. There will be a few minor changes to the cards as well as the box. The content itself will not change, and if you ordered one of the first 1,000 copies you have an original copy, who knows that could be a collector's item one day. Original copies have the Kickstarter stamp on them.

Expansion Pack?

There have been many questions about an expansion pack for The Gayme. At this time we can't give too much away BUT there may be some substance to the rumors. We are currently working on an expansion pack. Want to play a part in that expansion? Submit your card ideas here, and we may include them!

More Gay Events

We are so grateful to all of the Pride organizers and attendees for embracing The Gayme. At this time we are looking for more potential events that we can participate in later this year. If you know of any events, please email us at

Thanks again for all your support! We love you guys!

Cam & Matt