What is The Gayme?

The Gayme is an outrageous party game that consolidates the gay lifestyle and coming-of-age experience into hundreds of stimulating cards. The best part is anyone can play! LGBT or ally, it doesn't matter.

There are 500 unique cards, each crafted to promote bonding, story-telling, and maybe a bit of intoxication. Unlike traditional games, The Gayme changes each time you play. You can play with 2 players or 20, it's versatile. You can play in your kitchen, in your bed, at your mom's house, in a bar: all you need is a surface, drinks, and people!

The Rules

  • All players should have a beverage
  • Best dressed player starts The Gayme by drawing a card and reading it aloud
  • The card being read applies to all players, unless it is a Special Card (card with a title)
  • Continue clockwise once a turn is finished
  • Anyone can pass on any card

Special Cards

Individual - Player that draws the card plays (not title)
Question - Player that draws the card answers
Storytime - Any player tells a story
Trivia - Ask the player across from you, if correct, you drink, if incorrect, the other player drinks
Rule - Player that draws the card follows the rule for a round (around the circle once)
Categories - Going clockwise each player must say something that fits the category, the first player to repeat or stall drinks

Funded: The Gayme on Kickstarter


Who Are the Creators?


Matt invented The Gayme in 2012 when he discovered a lack of "social lubrication" at a party he was hosting. Originally hand-written on colored notecards, The Gayme's popularity at college parties encouraged Matt to start his own company.  He spends his spare time entertaining his friends and constantly conjuring new Gayme cards. Each card has been carefully crafted to promote bonding, story-telling, and laughter.


Cam joined The Gayme squad in 2013 and never looked back. As an avid gaymer, he fit right in. He just finished school and has been working on The Gayme ever since. His dream is to travel the world going to various gay pride events promoting The Gayme.